It is very important to know the status of the business in Thailand if you are planning to establish your business in this country. This is to make sure that you can adapt to the different level of working environment they have. Thailand has big differences compared to their neighboring countries when it comes to business policies and development strategies.

International countries have seen how Thailand made a remarkable progress in the worldwide history. Their rapid development was seen on how they are able to reduce their country’s poverty and sustained the growth of their economy. The government is very aggressive and serious in achieving their goal to raise the Thailand’s income status.

The government embarked their reform by creating jobs that benefit millions of people to pull them out of poverty. They gain profit from different dimensions of businesses and reused this profit to build additional projects targeting the country’s development. This strategy impressed foreign countries making them provide the support they need through investing in the country’s different projects.

Company registration in Thailand undergoes specific format before the company commenced. Strict compliance with the business policies should be followed and the required procedure for registering the company is unique but effective.

There may be challenges they encountered for decades to surpass these hindrances, however, they use the economic growth to become the driver of reducing the poverty. They have seen many opportunities such as improving the business regulations, integrating with the global economy to expand their trading system, the transformation of public investments into a private capital, stimulation of domestic consumption, and improvement of the public services all over the country.

They used these opportunities to create a balanced growth among different locations in the nation as well as eliminating poverty as they share the prosperity to all of their citizens. They conducted a long-term strategic plan to attain the development status as they consistently comply with their broad reform.

These reforms address different areas like human capital, equal opportunities, competitiveness, environmental stability, and government bureaucracies with integrity. They implemented large projects for infrastructure development, improved state-owned governance of enterprises through setting up the State Enterprise Policy Committee, making the Bank of Thailand responsible for financial institutions, launching of National Savings Fund, and retirement security for informal workers.

Through these projects and policies, they had implemented, no wonder business opportunities will greatly contribute to the growth of Thailand. The sustainable pace [of the reform is what makes the implementation effective until the country achieved the economic outcomes they desired.

Seeing this development of Thailand, you may have decided now if you have to invest your money making business with the country. You may be one of the business owners who wants to avail the benefit of establishing a company in a prosperous country.

Since every project and business structure built in this country gains the support of the government, you are confident to start your plan in investing with them, giving you a peace of mind that you and your business is in good hands with Thailand.

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At the intersection of Sukhumvit Road & Asoke Road, Bangkok, you will find Interchange21 building. If you are looking for top Grade-A office for rent Bangkok, you won’t regret for a moment your choice. Along with your convenient office space comes 5 storeys of retail shopping space which will fulfil all your shopping needs, saving you time and giving you only pleasure. This place features all modern technologies such as high speed elevators, air-conditioning which is climate-controlled, very modern security and safety measures put in place for your convenience – the right place to conduct your business from. It has several building achievements behind its name such as a building that saves energy with a 5-star rating from the Thailand Energy Ministry. It has the Best Practice Award for Building Services as well as the Operation Maintenance award – safe and secure.

A huge attraction is that this building is in the heart of Bangkok, surrounded by international hotels, trendy restaurants, modern apartments and other prestigious businesses who choose to rent office space here.

Interchange21 is a critical thoroughfare as it boasts access to Bangkok’s BTS sky train and the MRT subway. No wonder tenants want to continue renting office space here; across the vast metropolis of Bangkok, Interchange21 is the only building that has this direct access to both of these huge transport systems. Easy access and transportation needs rank as one of the top considerations when hiring office space across a hectic sprawling city such as Bangkok. It makes sense that some very prominent corporate and retail tenants occupy space in this attractive building, which also boasts spectacular views over the city including the popular Benjasiri Park.

Office space options

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Photography Thailand By Digital Distinct

Photography Thailand By Digital Distinct

The field of photography is very vast and ever-evolving in nature, what is considered as the most popular photography trend today may not be as attractive and appealing a few years down the line. However, there are certain Photography Bangkok trends that just refuse to lose their popularity and remain in high demand regardless of the changing dynamics in the field of photography.

Let us have a look at some of the Photography Thailand trends that are considered as all time favorites by the professional photographers and clients alike.

§  Black & White

Black and white photography is not a recent trend in the world of photography, Photography Bangkok professionals and other photographers from around the globe have been using black and white as a medium to enhance and amplify their images for decades and it continues to be the medium of choice even today. Professionals consider it “classic” and it will remain so for years to come.

§  Neon Landscapes

Over the past few years, the trend of using neon landscapes in images/photos have gained a lot of popularity, thanks to the easy availability of smart and ease to use photo editing tools and software applications. Photos/images with neon landscapes are extremely popular on many social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, no wonder why this Photography Thailand trend has attracted a huge population of young photographers from all over the world.

§  Wildlife Photography

Animal photography, which may or may not deal with the wildlife, has also gained a lot of fame in the last couple of years and continues to occupy the list of most popular photography trends even today. Domesticated as well as pet animals are often used by professional and amateur photographers to convey a message or grab attention. The humanization of famous animals such as cats, dogs, horses, sheep, and many others has given a new dimension to the field of photography and the Photography Bangkok professionals are taking full advantage of this new photography trend. What’s more interesting is that such type of pictures tend to get lots of likes and shares on the various social media platforms.

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On 4 December 2014, the Royal Thai Embassy in Cairo hosted a reception to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the 87th Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the National Day of Thailand at Police Club, Zamalek, Cairo which was attended by over 350 guests from the Egyptian Government and private sector, diplomatic corps, and the Thai community including Thai students. H.E. Mr. Peerasak Chantavarin, Ambassador of Thailand, and H.E. Mr. Yasser Murad, Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Countries and Pacific Ocean Islands Affairs of Egypt delivered their speeches to salute His Majesty the King. Both of them also made speeches on the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Egypt which has arrived a remarkable milestone in 2014.


On 14 February 2015, H.E. Mr. Peerasak Chantavarin, Ambassador of Thailand attended “Thai freshman orientation 2015” for new Thai students of Al Azhar University which jointly organized by the Royal Thai Embassy and the Thai Students’ Association in Cairo at Ijteemaiee Club in Nasr City, with approximately 150 new Thai students attended the event.

The participants enjoyed various programs in the event such as friendship building activities, futsal completion, shows of the new students and food selling by students’ clubs in a warm and friendly atmosphere.