Attributes Top International Schools In Bangkok Look For When Hiring Teachers

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International schools often get hundreds of applications when a job vacancy is posted. Since the performance of a school is highly dependent on a teacher, these schools only want to pick the best out of the hundreds of applications they get. So, what are those skills that employers are looking for in an international school teacher?

To find out, we did our research and thaiembassycairo had the following qualities employers are looking for when hiring new teachers.

Teachers with the right qualifications
Now, this is a no-brainer. When looking for an international teaching job, you must have the required educational background. It’s important that you read the job requirements before sending in your application. Sometimes, you may need several years of teaching in an international school depending on the position.

Internationally minded teachers
If you are choosing to go teach in an international school away from your country of origin, you should be willing to adapt to a different culture(s). You will be working with learners, parents and even fellow teachers from diverse countries, backgrounds and cultures. Each of these people have a different way of life. You should be willing to accept and respect the differences and truly be open minded both in and out of work.

Teachers who are good at extra curricula activities
International schools usually have extracurricular schools that happen in the evenings after classes. These activities are an important part of international school life. International school teachers are expected to lead and guide students during such activities.

Teachers who are able to adapt easily
Schools are run differently in each country. The way they operate in your country may be different from what you experience in your new place. Hiring schools are always on the search for candidates who have the ideal mindset, and who are comfortable with change and are willing to learn new things.

Teachers who are able to work with second language learners
Most students in international schools in Bangkok speak English as a second language. Therefore, as a teacher, you will need to adapt your teaching style to make your learners fully understand concepts taught. Teachers with ESOL are highly sought after.

There you have it. These qualities may help you get an international teaching job. There is more to these qualities and you don’t need all the above attributes to get the job.

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