Here’s A Complete Checklist You Will Need When Visiting A New International School of Thailand

You may be new to Thailand, but you may not be new to this. The career you chose, or that chose you, has you on the move again. That means having to uproot the family and plant them in a new destination. Aside from housing, the other important thing you need to check out is schools for your child.

As one of the duties of a super-parent, you have to ensure that your child gets the best out of what that new international school of Thailand has to offer. That means doing your due diligence. Here are a few things to check out.

1. Do an online search.
Thank the stars for the internet, how easy and convenient it has made life! There are a variety of online resources that you can leverage to find out which school best fits your requirements.
Any school worthy of the name international school will have a significant online and social media presence. This will be a good window into the kind of activities they conduct at campus, whether it be social outreach, extra-curricular activities, cultural exchanges and trips and other things of that nature.

Some online resources can also give you a complete breakdown of the financial resources you will need to put aside in order for your child to have a comfortable experience. This could be handy if you’re worried about your budget.

2. A physical visit.
You made your list of the schools that you have a preference for and need to whittle it down further. A good place to start will be to reach out to the administrators of the school to plan a visit. This is vital so that you can observe activities around campus. Your child also gets to spend as much time as possible in the campus and participate in activities.
Have a list of questions prepared and ask to have some time with the administrators or a teacher. Spend as much time as you can with them asking questions about their curriculum, their records and activities.

3. Ask your child what they think.
Even though you get the honor of paying the bills, your child will be the one attending the school. After spending time at the various schools, set aside some time to have a chat with your child. Their reactions to the schools will help you narrow down your options.
Ask general questions and watch their body language. A verbal answer may not be as convincing as the tales the body gives.

These are just but a few ideas on what you can do. The onus is on you to make much more detailed observations and come up with a conclusion. You know your child best.

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