How to Know if There is a Market for Your Niche in Thailand?

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So, you are willing to launch a new business in Thailand? Chances are that you have a great product idea in your mind but are a little confused about whether this niche is suitable for the Thai market or not.

Well, it is important to conduct intense market research to understand the real potential of your niche in the market. Many new entrepreneurs neglect this step before stepping ahead into the product development stage and it is the biggest reason behind hearing negative feedback about your business.

Some of you may bypass market search for lack of sources and many others may say that the process is too expensive. But if you go for company registration in Thailand without doing adequate market research, you may have to bear losses in the long run. Experts even recommend hiring a marketing professional to collect the market information necessary for your product launch. It may help you to make a confident decision about the segment in which you wish to proceed.  

For beginners, here we have provided details about three main areas of interest to carry market research to know the potential of your niche:

Industry information

While exploring details about the industry, you should look at the latest trends. Prefer to compare the growth and statistics in your niche area. Check out the expansion stats and be aware of the areas that are declining. You need to gather data about whether your target industry is gaining new customers or not. At the same time, it is necessary to collect details about technological developments happening in your area of work and know-how well you can utilize them in your product launch.

Consumer close-up

Getting details about consumer interests and preferences will help you to make reasonable forecasts about your new business. It is important to study independent characteristics of the market, target population, and preferred age group within the location. Determine current sales volume in your niche area and make estimates on how much conversion rate you can obtain. You may need to substitute your business in the market and maybe many other competitors are already doing the same; extensive market research may help you to find your way to success.

Competitors details

Depending upon the niche area you wish to work in, it is important to develop a clear picture of the competition. Do not underestimate the existing competitors in the market and also keep an eye on future competitors as well. Check if your niche has the potential to serve a small local market or it can grow on a national level in Thailand. Your analysis will also bring you a clear picture of expected threats as well as opportunities in the target market. Once you have collected all these important details from the target market, it will be easier to set up a new business in Thailand. You can take help from experts to do company registration in Thailand and soon you can start different operations in the target market.

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