Why You Should Teach at an International School in Bangkok

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Bangkok has become one of the largest international school markets in the world and remains one of the most attractive destinations for international teachers. International Schools Bangkok have started to emerge rapidly, with half a dozen new international schools opening each year, while existing schools are expanded with additional locations and campuses. This rapid increase came about with the education ministry licensing around 180 schools across Thailand.

If you’re looking to relocate to a favorable destination in search of a viable career path, look into the prospects of teaching at an international school in Bangkok. You won’t be disappointed.

Benefits of teaching at an international school in Bangkok.

Securing an employment in an international school in Bangkok opens the doors to a vast network. The world of international education can be quite small, especially for those in large schools, and you will begin to find that this profession allows for a high degree of portability. However, with many years of experience under your belt, you will be able to work in countries around the world. Whether you want to stay in Asia or travel the world, both studying and applying to teach in international schools offers you this opportunity.

In addition to forming a strong network, international schools offer prospective teachers a clear career path. While some expats are content to teach English or tutor for years before returning to their country, some aspire to become professional teachers. Many international schools offer great professional development and networking opportunities and give you the chance to connect with some of the most talented teachers from around the world.

Furthermore, although earning potential varies greatly from one international school to another, many offer at least the opportunity to lead a very comfortable life while saving almost as much as possible in your home country. If you can find a job at one of the best schools, the savings opportunities can be overwhelming. Along with great benefits, these international schools offer a lifestyle that goes far beyond what teachers might expect in government systems.


In essence, if you’re interested in growing your career in the field of education, an international school in Bangkok is your best bet. Please visit The American School of Bangkok.